Valentine Ranch
Lot #17

56+ Acre Improved Lot

Oversized lot with variation of terrain. Lots of space for horses and good and easy access to Highway 60.

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Amended Disclosure Statement (pdf)

Amended Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (pdf)

Located in Torrance County Conservation District
(From, Torrance County Zoning Ordinance)
Section 8.0 Conservation District (C)

A. Intent. This zone protects and preserves areas within the county which are characterized by their limited access, minimal development, limitations on water resources, natural beauty, fragile environment and native wildlife populations. Dispersed, very low density residential development and low intensity agricultural activities are allowed. Other agriculturally related activities may be allowed. Commercial uses will not be allowed except on a case by case basis in which the primary concern of the Zoning Commission will be to minimize the environmental impact on the area. Development may be considered within a 1 mile buffer zone where the "C" Zone joins an incorporated municipality and density or minimum lot size or use within the buffer area may be dictated by the standards set for the adjoining area.
(REV: Ord. No. 95-11, 11/10/95, Ord. No. 97-2, 3/26/97)

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