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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I have a medical emergency?

Mountainair has a volunteer EMT and ambulance. They will administer emergency first aid and take you to the Mountainair Fire Dept., where Hwy 55 will have been blocked off to provide a landing pad for a medical helicopter. It will pick you up and transport you to a hospital in Albuquerque, in an extreme emergency.

2. Where is closest Doctor/Hospital?

Mountainair Family Clinic has a doctor, nurse and is staffed by Presbyterian Medical Services. Albuquerque has many doctors and hospitals specializing in different areas of medical expertise.

3. How far is it to the nearest big city/airport?

Albuquerque and the International Sunport are about one hour to one hour twenty minutes, depending on your driving habits and the route taken. There are three routes to Albuquerque from Mountainair.

4. Where do I go for grocery shopping, etc.?

Mountainair has a grocery store – B Street Market – on Broadway, also known as Hwy 60. They have a meat market, produce section, frozen foods, canned goods, and an Organic Foods section. The new owners are bringing many changes, including their plan to add a deli. Also, SuperWalMart is in Belen, 35 miles away. Major shopping can be done in Albuquerque.

5. Where is Mountainair located?

Mountainair is located 9 miles from the geographic center of New Mexico. It is where US Hwy 60 intersects with NM Hwy 55. Its central location makes no NM border further than 4 hours away.

6. Are there schools in Mountainair?

There is an Elementary School, a Middle and High School combined and a Christian School.

7. How hot are summers?

June is the hottest month because it has the longest day of the year. Temperatures can reach the mid 90s during the afternoon, with nights and mornings being cool enough to enjoy sleeping under a light down comforter.

8. How cold are winters and how much snow?

December and January are the coldest months because the days are the shortest. The NM Dept. of Tourism states that New Mexico has 340 days of sunshine and low humidity. So, the temperature will feel warmer than the thermometer indicates. The winter days are usually in the high 30s to low 40s, with nights typically in the teens until March. We experience snow “events” of 4” to 8”, when storm systems originating in Canada are moving through the United States. That is usually about 5 times a winter, with some winters producing more and some less. The sun melts it quickly and it does not stay on the ground long.

9. Is there financing available?

Some sellers offer financing using a Real Estate Contract.

10. Are there builders in the area?

Yes, several builders from Albuquerque and Belen are available and are building in the area on a consistent basis. We will be happy to furnish you with a list of builders upon request.

11. Who maintains unpaved roads?

Most unpaved roads are county roads and are maintained by the county. If the roads are in a subdivision, it is up to the property owners to maintain the roads. Most of the newer subdivisions have graveled roads and Road Maintenance Agreements and funds established to provide for their maintenance.

12. What is the cost to install power on my property?

The Central New Mexico Electric Coop will come give you a free estimate once you have identified a building site.

13. How deep are wells in the area?

There are 3 different sources of water and basins within 15 miles of Mountainair. The depth to water, as well as yield and quality, depends on the source. The range is from 175 feet to 1000 feet. The Office of the State engineer oversees all rights to water and you can visit them online at

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