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Driving directions to Mountainair

There are 3 routes to Mountainair from Albuquerque.

1. If coming from the airport, come south on Interstate 25 to Mile Marker 195 (Belen), take that exit and wind left under the overpass and past WalMart. After WalMart, you will notice the road forks. Stay to the right and continue into the town of Belen until you reach Reiken St. - clearly marked at a traffic light, a Discount Liquor Store is on the left. Turn left at that light and go until you reach Hwy 47 - a traffic light, a Conoco station on the right and a Fina station on the left and a directional sign indicating that Mountainair is to the right - and you know that a right turn is the direction to take. Take the right and continue for about 21 miles until Hwy 47 dead-ends into Hwy 60. Take a left - Mountainair directional marker indicates that - and you will come to Mountainair after about 17 miles.

2. If you are at the Big I - Intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 25 - in Albuquerque, you might want to come east on I 40 until you leave Albuquerque and notice the Tijeras/ Cedar Crest exit. Take it and go to the right, Stay on the Highway 337 (also known as South 14) as you wind through a very scenic drive through several old communities and dead-end into Hwy 55. Turn right (sign indicates Mountainair is that direction) stay on that winding mountain road and you will end up at the traffic light in Mountainair.

3. If you are at the Big I and you are pulling a trailer or big load - and you don't care about the beautiful scenery, just go east on I 40 to the second exit in the town of Moriarty. That is Hwy 41. Turn right and go through a couple of communities (about 25 miles) to Hwy 60, which is where Hwy 41 ends. Turn right to Mountainair, which will be 11 miles away.

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